Maheshwari Computers Private Limited is designing solutions of Huddle/Meeting Rooms solutions for want of video conferencing.

Solution 1: Huddles/Meetings Room:

This can be designed as per user requirement from 5 to 6 person or even more in numbers up to 25- 50 users in U Type table solution. The solutions are having a mixture of Audio Video and Data Solution.

A meeting room can be designed with the mix of hardware based video conferencing with display of 65” or 75” inches having sufficient audio facility with hardware based microphone which has capacity to pick up audio within 2 meters of diameter from center of table.

Solution 2: Large Meeting Conferencing Room:

We are also capable of Designing Medium/Large conferencing room up to the capacity of 22 to 50 Users. The solution can be incorporated on U Shape table with audio conferencing (Chairman/Delegate unit), and can be integrated with video conferencing with 75” of display. It also can be designed with clear/crisp audio input with loud and clear speakers having integration with audio mixer, DSP and Amplifier. The solution takes care of all person’s audibility with optimum level of sound performance.

Solution 3: Auditorium Solution:

Auditorium solution is being designed as per the sitting capacity and budget of customer. These can be designed with five variants of Audio, Video, Data, controller automation and lighting solutions. These has a various mixture of products like microphone, Audio mixer, Digital Sound Processor (DSP) Speakers, Large format display from 55” to 108” inches, Video wall with multiple rows and columns maximum up to 64 panels or more. The Video wall Controller (Software/Hardware based controller), controller for automation along with 10” Tablet, Stage Lighting. The different OEM’s of Audio like Harman, Electro-Voice, Sennheiser& Alphatec etc. are being provided.