Fire Alarms & Detection Systems

Alarming is an important component of firefighting. This process involves triggering either sound or light or both upon sensing the smoke or ignition.

Role of Fire Alarm Systems have become very crucial with the inclusion of advanced technologies & sophisticated tools in the business settings. Human monitoring is not possible round the clock and sometimes hidden or deep ignition cannot be detected timely which causes the spread of fire.

Fire detection’s range is the result of extensive hardware and software product design and development. Our stringent standards extend to all our product ranges.

All the products are extensively tested in the worlds largest, purpose-built, state-of-art fire test laboratory to guarantee that even the largest scale designs are fully proven in real fire conditions.

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Type of the Alarm system

Uni-Wireless Fire Alarm System

Ideal for heritage sites, temporary construction sites

Wireless Solution

Quick to install, Zero downtime in installation

Uni Wireless Fire Alarm System is designed and manufactured to our requirements by some of Europe's best manufacturers. The result: An extensive range of lifesaving products engineered to simplify the installation process and minimize cost, allowing seamless integration into the existing infrastructure.

At the heart of the system is a control panel that enables the most flexible, seamless wireless fire detection available today. Translator Modules are connected to this control panel through loop wiring, either on their own, or mixed with wired field devices to form a fully wireless system. Each of these Translator Modules communicates with up to 240 field devices per loop, via a proven wireless protocol, processing the messages received from the field devices and transmitting information to the devices.

All field devices have a notional wireless range of 200m in free air, but where greater distances are required; the system is supported by a range of Expander and Router Modules. These help propagate the radio signals over large distances or areas with difficult structural architecture. Multiple Translator Modules can be used on each control panel loop and each Translator Module can support multiple Expander Modules, making it possible to configure systems of virtually any size and complexity.

To achieve the highest levels of reliability and performance from wireless field devices with comparable capabilities, the system relies on advanced, patented technologies. Complying with the latest European standards (EN54-25 2008), the communication between the Translator Modules and devices is bi-directional, using 867MHz frequency.

The Uni Wireless Fire Alarm System maintains secure and stable communications by using a selection of automated system adjustments, including channel hopping, amplitude adjustment and drift compensation. The whole system flawlessly comes together with a range of Sensors, Audio Visual Devices, Translators, Input-Output and Expander Modules. Making it the most reliable Fire Alarm System around.

Doesn't just sell you Fire Alarm systems, but also ensures that your premises are safe. Our highly trained technical experts come survey your premises and recommend the right devices for you. They even design the system to complement the structure of the premises, supervise the installation from start to finish and provide quality after sales service as well. So that you are always protected against fire.

Addressable Fire Alarm System

Identify the exact location of the fire incidence

Aids swift action to curtail fire

Detection devices are designed to detect actual fire instances only, decreasing the chances of fire alarms

Cost effective solution to early fire detection

Addressable Fire Alarm System is a best in class detection and alarm system to safeguard the fire safety of premises. The system senses fire in the nascent stage & identifies the exact location of the fire. The system is an amalgamation of a highly advanced control panel and an array of fire detection devices.

As the name suggests, this system is addressable system i.e. each detection device of this system is identifiable. In case of a fire incidence when the alarm goes off, the main panel is able to trace the exact system component that has gone off thus enabling to track the fire location at the precise point so that there is no delay in firefighting.

This system is an ideal fire detection & alarm system for large premises that spread over a vast area.

Conventional Fire Alarm System

Ideal alarm system for small set-ups

Identifies the zone in which the fire incidence has occurred

A technological advantage over standalone detectors

Detection devices are designed to detect actual fire instances only, decreasing the chances of fire alarms

One of the most cost effective alarm solutions

Simple setup, no configuration required

The conventional fire alarm system is a time-tested fire alarm system; this makes it one of the most reliable systems for ensuring fire safety of a premises. The Conventional Fire Alarm System is a state-of-art system which comprises of a control panel and a range of fire detectors and devices interacting with it.

The conventional system divides the premises into distinct zones. Each zone has its own set of detectors & alarm systems.

The detection & alarm devices are spread across the premises and catch the early signs fire. In case of a fire incidence the system identifies the zone in which the fire has occurred.

Gas Leak Detector

A home fire almost always starts in the kitchen, an area of your home with no dearth of combustible, explosive materials.

More often than not, the reason for a kitchen fire is a leaking cylinder which can go unnoticed for long periods of time.

With a detection range of 6 meters, and an operating temperature of 0 to 55 degrees Celsius, this detector can be safely installed in the kitchen (2-4 meters away from hot appliances).

Its response time of less than 30 seconds ensures that you are alerted of the smallest gas leak well in time.

It has the ability to detect both, LPG and natural gas. Customized Front Panel Available in different color options to suit your interiors.

Detects both LPG and natural gas.

Early warning gives residents enough time to turn off the main gas valve.