MCPL network expertise and knowledge is one of the best in the industry. We have implemented many complex network infrastructures, and have spent a major part of our revenues in developing our own end to end infrastructure among our group members. We offer the best of breed in network support infrastructure to you, as we will expect for ourselves. From local troubleshooting to remote fixing, performance monitoring and consulting, our services can cater to networks of any size.

Our team will accompany you at every step in the design of the foundation of your IT architecture, irrespective of the size of the infrastructure. We will grow with your organization to meet your challenges today, and give you the advantage for tomorrow. Our Network Advisors will define your standard computing infrastructure and develop a plan for migration from the existing computing environment to that infrastructure.

We Offer

Network Architecture Assessment:

Our Network Architecture assessments provide an in-depth and structured technical assessment against secured design practices, operational requirements, and system risk profiles

Network and Endpoint Vulnerability Assessments:

Assessments of network and endpoint security utilize a combination o f automated network-based scans and root cause analysis to develop a snapshot of your network and endpoint security posture.

Penetration Testing:

Mature Penetration Testing service Includes an active analysis of network vulnerabilities and simulation of attacks exploring both known and unknown hardware or software flaws, as well as, operational weaknesses in either processor technical countermeasures.

IT Infrastructure Profiling, Posturing and Assessment:

Survey and development of in-depth Knowledge about what’s in your ecosystem to enable key stakeholders to make decisions based on how the environment is configured, rather than the desired state